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Pin outs clarification

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Posted · Pin outs clarification

Can someone help me understand the pin outs in the pins.h file? (Marlin)


They don't seem to match up.


I'm pretty sure I am looking at the correct section of the file (* Ultiboard v2.0 pin assignment) as I have swapped my Z axis port to the E2 port (E1 in the file) and it worked.


But the pin numbers on the base of my board (from and Ultimaker Original+) don't match.


For example, in the pins.h file


#define X_STEP_PIN 25
#define X_DIR_PIN 23
#define X_STOP_PIN 22
#define X_ENABLE_PIN 27


but printed on the board they are pins TP46 - TP49


What am I missing?




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Posted · Pin outs clarification

The schematics can be found here:




It seems like TP46-TP49 are connected to the output pins of the stepper driver.

...while the pin numbers from pins.h are related to pins of the mega2560 (this are just two different things).


In addition: Marlin firmware uses the Arduino pin mapping:



For example:

#define X_DIR_PIN 23


You can see in the schematics that pin PA1 from the mega2560 is connected to the "DIR" input on the stepper driver for the x-axis.

And the Arduino pin mapping shows that PA1 = digital pin 23.


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