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Posted (edited) · PLA warping

i have a Anet A8, i use cura

im having issues where my part starts lifting i use to use blue tape what works find for smaller prints, but not larger, and is super hard to remove prints from, ive also wiped the tape down with alcohol to improve it to stick but it ends up lifting the tape off the bed and even harder to remove

so things ive tried

blue tape - part lifts, sometimes the tape
blue tape with alcohol - part still lifts, also high chance to lift the tape
increased bed temp from 60c to 65
slowing the first layer speed to 15mm/s
swapping bed to Anycubic Ultrabase
adding more flow to the first layer
increasing first layer height
increasing line width
increasing temp from 200c-205c
testing 85c bed temp (warps heaps more)
adding a brim
enclosing the printer, it got to 32c air temp


i made a smaller STL file so it doesnt use and much material and with that i found i could get to a higher layer height before it started to warp






yes i know its a harder print because the top is sloping and will pull it back but i would of thought it would still work


if you want the STL file here is a google drive link, with some extra photos

(deleted by OP)


any ideas would be great


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Posted · PLA warping

if anyone is wondering, i think its because the fan speed is set to high so its cooling the part to much, i tried printing with 0 fan and it was almost perfect and no lifting, but you dont get the best finish, but i think i just need to find the correct fan speed

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