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Remove shell between merged parts?

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Posted · Remove shell between merged parts?

Hi All


I have a part I wish to print in two colours.




It was modelled as one part, then sliced in CAD to create two parts: one for the white and one for the blue.  (The white is "part" is actually two discrete bodies, because the blue runs right through.)


When I preview the sliced model, each "body" within the model---i.e. the two whites and one blue---is sliced as a self-contained model.  This means that each has top and bottom layers.  Since I'm printing in the same material, just with a different colour, I can think of no reason why this shouldn't be built as though it were a single model, which would mean that the blue section would have only walls and infill (i.e. no top or bottom layers) and the upper and lower white sections would, respectively, have no bottom and top layers.


Is there a setting to remove these intermediate top and bottom layers on a merged model?  In other words, to slice merged models as one model?


I have the following workaround, but it's a bit cumbersome:

  1. Load each section as model (i.e. 3 models one for each "body", rather than one for each colour).
  2. Merge the models and adjust orientation.
  3. Disable "Automatically drop models to the build plate".
  4. Ungroup the models.
  5. Use "Per model settings" to manage the top and bottom layers as required.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



Best regards



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Posted · Remove shell between merged parts?

I think you already found the best workaround. But please feel free to make such a feature request and please let us know here so people can support it.

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