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ER02 BED Error while printing

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Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing



Using my Ultimaker 2 Ext. + for 3 years now with more or less no problems but now everytime i start a print everything looks fine first but after aprox. 20min of printing the error appears and the printer kind of freezes in its current position and is not reacting on any command... -i then have to turn it off and pull the power cable to get this error away.

I disassembled the printer now for the 3rd time but everything looks fine:

i am messureing 108 Ohm on the solder-pads on the board (betw. point "TP73" and "TP74") and all the way up to the sensor no matter how i stress the cable or the heatbed (i removed the heatbad so i can move it arround to see if there is at one position a connection-problem -but it seams not to be one [always 108 Ohms without interruption])

of course i can not messure while the printer is running but while heating up and the first layers of printing there is everything fine (so the error is not -like in most described cases- from the start).

In the worst case i have no problem to change a part but which? bed or board?

thx in advance for every hint!


best regards!




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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing


    I resoldered the smd-thermistor (PT100) as the guy in the youtube-video and now it seams to be fixed (i am printing now over 2 hour's without problems). While the heat bed was "cold" the PT100 worked fine, but when i gets warm the values (ohm) wets wired (i tested it carefully with a heatgun). Opticly everything looked fine and in "cold" condition i wasn't able to get wrong values (pushing on it from different directions and so on...). so not knowing if it helps i just put two ugly solder-clumps on both sides of the PT100 and from that point on i wasn't able to reproduce the problem.

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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing

    error returned...

    after a month (printed aprox.1Kg PLA in this time without problems) the error returned the first time... -i did the same as described above (re-soldered the PT100) and it worked again for a while. 3 weeks ago the same (i applyed again the same solution) and today it happend the 3rd time :(

    I have access to my workshop only on the weekend (but then i use the printer excessive ;) and the error only came when the printer was unused before (Mo - Fr). Once the printer run's for -lets say- 1h without problems i can be pretty sure that the following prints will be ok too -but if i let him alone for 5 days (no printing in this time) -the posibility that the error returns is very big -at least it seams like it...

    so i resoldered the PT100 3 times now and i can't beleve that the problem is still the connection to the solderpads... i will do the soldering tomorrow and maby it will help again but meanwhile i am thinking that the problem is somewhere else and the fact that my solution worked is just luck...

    any ideas?

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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing

    today i realy wanted to get to the bottom of the problem (if you don't mind that i continue talking to my self).

    First i monitored the temperature while heating up, always the same: the temperature starts counting up rapidly, some times jumps back to a normal values but in the end the values gets to high and the error shows up. I found out that sometimes when it starts normal heating up (without crazy temperature values) the error can be reproduced when i fiddle around with the cables that are connected to the heatplate. i thought: "HA! got you! the cables or the connectors are the problem" but i tested it out in cold condition (made a loop out of the sensor cables [shorted the plug at the other end of the cable with a jumper-wire] and messured the resistance of the hole connection from one connector on the heatplate to the other) and everything was fine, 0.1 OHM always! i was not able to find a way to get this connection broken (pulld on cables, bend them etc...). the pt100 showd normal values too...

    meanwhile thinking that this PT100 has its own personality that wants more attention with a hot iron -i resoldered my meanwhile perfe smd solder work and guess what... it works again?!?!

    by now i can do this routine under 8min, but i want to get rid of this fuzzy problem.

    maby i just should buy a new heatplate but this is relativly expensive whatever...


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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing

    so not knowing if it helps i just put two ugly solder-clumps


    This makes me think you may be dealing with a cold solder joint.


    It is important that both things being soldered together are hot enough, and clean enough, for the solder to flow and bond properly. Clumping solder often means the solder did not bond to both surfaces.


    You may need to remove all the solder, clean the surface, and then re-solder using a paste flux.



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    Posted (edited) · ER02 BED Error while printing

    thx Johnse for the reply!, but i am afraid that my soldering is better then my english 😉. With "ugly solder-clumps"  i meant that i just used too much solder the first time (meanwhile my solder-joints are looking very delicious 😉).. -but next time the error appears i will make a full unsolder-cleaning-solder procedure (the last 2 times i just pushed down the pt100 and reheated the joints till the (old) solder gets liquid). I am just a little bit paranoid about solderpads -if you heat them to long/often they go off and you can drop the hole thing...

    dose anybody know at which solder-temperature i should do this (right now i am a little bit over 400 deg C)?




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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing

    error returned...

    i applyed now this solution -->

    ...and put two cables from the pt100 to the connectors...

    works again (for now)



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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing

    error returned -resolderd -works again...(next time i just act like i am doing this and maby it works then too 😉

    dose anybody know the specs of the pt100? i want to buy one  (on digikey or similar) and check if a new one solves the problem...i don't want to spend 180 Euro (!) for a new heatbed if the problem is a 40cent part!

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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing


    i bought a new PT100 and everything is cool now! There are endles variations of pt100's on the market so i head a bit problems to find the right one (the official ultimaker-support was not willed to tell me the specs/part-nr so i head to figure it out by my self 🤔)

    So for all that have this problem too:

    do not waste 180 Euro for a new heatbed! Buy this part for 4 Euro --> Heraeus Nexensos SMD 1206 V PT100

    you get it on mouser or conrad or your electronic supplyer of trust...

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    Posted · ER02 BED Error while printing



    Unlike thermistors (which come in an almost infinite number of resistance / temperature combos) PT100's are all pretty much same / same. If you find a part that fits the pads, it likely will do the job.  This isn't 100% of the story. If you spend $1,200 on a lab grade device, it *will* be more accurate than a $1 part off the shelf at Mouser. I don't think that a 100C heated bed temperature that is sensed at +/- 0.005 C accuracy vs "only" 0.1C is going to ruin anybodies prints .....


    One other note, the 100 ohm RTD (PT100) has a cousin that is 1,000 ohms (a PT1000). Get those two mixed up and you *will* ruin some prints. 



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