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Consistent Inconsistent/Uneven Layers After Upgrading Ender 3

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Posted · Consistent Inconsistent/Uneven Layers After Upgrading Ender 3

OK.  I've had my coffee.  Sorry about the PLA color, but it's what was left over from the water filled stuff that Amazon sent me.  It's hard to photograph though.  Nice looking SUNLA silky silver that has no layer adhesion.

Attached are a Gcode file and a 3mf file.  I went with tree supports in those.  For the print below I only supported the box around that one hole.

In this image you can see the faceting of the curve.  The STL resolution is low to medium so it's not a problem.

There is an artifact to the right of the top hole.  It looks like the printer bounced after making the turn for the hole.  You can just make out an artifact on the left wall.  That was from the wall flexing as the printer made the turn.  The tall thin walls could use some support as they build up.  Maybe a 1.6 x 3mm rib on the inside if the design could accept that.



Z seam was set to "right" and you can see that the right wing wall has blobs on the outside edge.





The left wall.  Again, you can see the facets on the curve.  Changing the Mesh Fixes | Max Resolution didn't change anything.  It's that way in the STL file.



Good Luck!

GV-camera__Cover_GoPro.3mf GV-camera__Cover_GoPro.gcode

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