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Posted · Incorrect scaling?

Hi all, new to Cura here. I created a simple model in Blender which is supposedly 0.9mm x 0.9mm x 0.9mm (attached). But when I import into Cura, it says "Auto-scaled object to 10,000% of original size" and sets the dimensions of the object to 90mm x 90mm x 90mm.


First question is, why does it do this?


After I change it to the correct values, my preview now estimates 0 minutes, 0g, and 0.00mm. I can save the gcode, but it seems like changing this object to its natural 100% dimensions has effectively erased/nullified the object in Cura.


Second question is, why did restoring the object to 100% dimensions seems to destroy the object?


Thanks for any insight you can offer!


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    Posted · Incorrect scaling?

    So I think you have your units confused.  1mm is about a 25th of an inch.  It's about the thickness of a quarter.  Do you really want to print something that small?  You could fit about 20 of these things into a pea.


    If you really need to print something that small, well try checking "print thin walls" in cura.  Also make sure you print at least 5 of them at the same time as you need to let one layer cool for a few seconds so if you print 5 that will give it a few seconds to cool one part while it prints the layer of another.


    If you are going to be printing a lot of things this small you should invest in a 0.25mm nozzle.  Or even smaller.


    But more likely you are confused about how big 1mm is.

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