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Question about settings, new user

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Posted · Question about settings, new user

Hey all, 
so question.

Just got a Ender 3 pro printer to fool around on and learn on before I go looking for something more complete
I've figured out nozzle heat, bed temp, fan speed, cleaning, and always remembering to check distance between nozzle and bed before each print (and trust me, learning those lessons made so much of a difference)

But the re occurring problem I keep running into is anytime I try to print anything over say 30 mm the print always gets thready with huge gaps and basically ruins the intended print

I've tried to figure this out but nothing I'm reading seems to fit.
So does anyone have any ideas that come to mind on why this would keep happening?

I imagine i'm missing some setting but nothing I been reading applying to this and I'm hesitant to just start changing settings on the fly with out having some idea of why I'm changing something.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted · Question about settings, new user

Please give us more information, upload some pictures and upload the Cura project, then we have your settings and the model to check it.

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