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Problem with 5th motor

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Hello everybody,

At the moment i'm trying to combine 2 ultimakers in order to print faster and larger.

the problem is that this is my first ultimaker project, and although i have some programming experiene, i ran into a problem,

i've connected a 5th motor in the 2nd extruder slot on the arduino.

the motor works and the driver too, but i can t get my motor spinning.

I think i;m using the wrong gcodes, at the moment i have tried these kind of gcodes:

M6 T1 ; change to 2nd extruder

G1 E1000 ; extrude 1000mm from 2nd extruder





G1 B1000 ; extrude 1000mm from 2nd extruder





G1 E1000



but no code works, could anybody tell my what the proper code is or what else could be wrong?


Greetz, Ewoud


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ohkee, i see, thanks a lott, these are some usefull tips,

i will upgrade the firmware, tweek the heatsensor becease i don t have one and don;t try too run that long.

i see an explanation is required,

With a few other students we are trying to print larger object faster without quality los, we try this to connect 2 ultimkamers and let them print one object. to do this I will use the 5th motor to move a table between two ultimakers, you van take a look at our (unfinished and currently under rivision) weblog at http://kamermaker2013.weblog.tudelft.nl/


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Wow! Interesting project. Will you also have to somehow synchronize the two ultimakers so that one waits for the other to lower the z table and they do it at the same time? And move the 5th motor at the same time at the end of each layer?

Or will each ultimaker print a portion and then, raise both beds up, slide the 5th motor, and print again?

Anyway, interesting project.


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Hi Gr5,

thanks, yes we will lower the table at the same time (it is the same table) and we are planning to print one layer, slide the table in the x direction, than print the first layer of the empty plave, than lower the table, print the secend layer, move the table etc.

we will have to write some Mcodes in the firmware to let the printers communicate,

but i have another question,

is it possible to generate the gcode in a relative positioning system (gcode G91)?


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