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Why does the Forum open in a new Window ? GAG

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In the news-carousel 1 item is dedicated to the new blog, so you can keep an eye out for that one.

About the new tab, personally I find that very convenient. I usually hate it when everything opens in the same tab because sometime I just want to take a peek or quick browse and I don't want to click 'Back' 8 times to return to my original page. Now you can just close this tab. Or the other one. :)


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I'm afraid I agree with Ian... I would rather that it opened in the same window instead of a new one. With this site I come here to go to the forum. When I click on the forum I want to go there, I do not need the homepage to stay up... It's just an extra thing to close. To me, the navigation bar should be navigating the site - i.e. going from one page to another. Also, I _hate_ tabbed browsing... I have 3 large monitors and I work with my desktop like a real desktop - I spread my windows across it..... I always disable tabbed browsing and open things in new windows when I want them, then I can tile my windows and just move my head/eyes to read them... I move my windows around to stack them in whatever way is most efficient for the task at hand... Often I stack related windows on one monitor and windows related to something else on another monitor like stacks of paper on a desk....

So basically, when I'm navigating from page to page on a site and it opens a new window it just ends up polluting my desktop. To me, this is like reading a book, but instead of flipping one page over to the next I'm ripping each page out when I'm done so I end up having a lot of loose pages that I don't want and just have to toss in the garbage bin..

Sorry... I'm rather nit-picky when it comes to user interfaces.




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