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Ultimaker 3 Y axis bearing is rough

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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 3 Y axis bearing is rough

I came home the other day and my print had failed and the Y axis rail was laying on the table outside my printer.  It had rust spots on it so I cleaned it off and began examining things.  The rust was from what seems to be a linear rail bearing.  I cleaned it out as much as I could and applied some more oil and was able to get a successful 8 hour print accomplished.  However the next print ended up popping the rail off and failing. I Googled around a little to see where to buy the replacement bearing but it seems not obvious to find.  This seems like an easy fix if I can get the correct replacement part, but where?


EDIT - This appears to be what I need https://fbrc8.com/products/short-linear-bearing-lmk6-um3-um3x?variant=8145756192856

um3 rail.jpg

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