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Cura 4.1 prints slow

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Posted · Cura 4.1 prints slow

After upgrading to Cura my models no longer print properly.  My CR10S pauses intermittentaly for up to 5 seconds at different times.  I am running on IOS and use Octoprint.  Here is what I have done to trouble shoot the issue so far.


  • I first noticed the pauses happen at the same place in different models so it is not a random event.  
  • I currently use Octoprint so removed my PI and printed directly from and SD card and still see the same issue.
  • I looked at the terminal and i can see commands sent but do not get an acknowledgement quickly.  This led me to think it was a network issue but it is not.
  • I tried printing the same model I had saved that was from Gcode that was sliced with Cura 3.6  and it worked perfectly without the pause errors
  • I tried using a different slicer - Slic3R and the error goes away.
  • I also tried uninstalling and reseting 4.1 but I get the same error.


From everything I can tell this is an issue with the STL file after slicing with 4.1 - If possible I would like to get a link to the IOS version of 3.6 or another previous version of Cura to get me by until I get 4.1 working unless there is something else I can try.


Any help is appreciated. 

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