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Dual Nozzle dual profile ?

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Posted · Dual Nozzle dual profile ?

Either I am missing something - in which case I would appreciate a pointer to the right place to look, or this is a request for an additional feature.

When setting up a dual nozzle print with two different materials, I can only select one profile. It would be nice if I could select Petg for example on print head one and support material on print head two instead of having to change all the settings for printhead two manually to reflect the different parameters of support material.

As I said above, if there is a mechanism that allows that, I would appreciate a pointer to that..


A somewhat related question or request for clarification ....

I am currently running two printers and slice with a single copy of Cura, selecting the printer to do the slicing for first. I then select a custom profile from the list shown to me by Cura. If I have a profile called "PLA on glass" that shows in the profile list for printer one, is it kept as a separate copy from the profile "PLA on glass" that I made for printer two ? Is Cura smart enough to keep these two profiles separate or is the appropriate method to deal with the situation to name the profiles as "CR10-PLA on glass" and "Duet-PLA on glass"?

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Posted · Dual Nozzle dual profile ?

I don’t know how to set it up, but I can relate my experience. With an UM3, when Cura connects, it reads the current material config from the printer. So I will have, for example, Green ToughPLA on #1 and White Breakaway on #2. All of the material settings are correctly set.


I *think* you can click on extruder 2 in the top bar and select the material for that extruder.



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Posted · Dual Nozzle dual profile ?

I can confirm that if you configure the materials on the top bar, they seem to propagate. Having said that, the whole system of materials (and to a lessor extent the profiles) is very confusing to me. It is totally non intuitive. Even after spending a couple hours of trying to figure things out, I eventually decided to give up - maybe future versions will improve that aspect of Cura.

This mini rant applies to multiple extruder setups - I had no problems with single extruder operation but then I never used the 'material' portion. What I did was to create custom profiles with the material used in the profile name so it was easy to select the right profile based on the material used at the time (for example 'Amazon Basics PLA on glass'.

I tried to make sense of the whole 'materials' and 'profile' system but the on-line documentation was no help.

I am struggling with the very basic premise of separating materials and profiles. In my thinking a particular material has a particular profile and the two should not be separated like they are currently.


I am sure there is a method to the madness the way Cura is designed and it is quite likely that I am using the system in away it never was designed for but I have not found anything that explains the way that this aspect of Cura 'should' be used. If anybody has a URL to a tutorial that explains the basics of how to use materials and profiles, I would appreciate a pointer to it.

Little things like a single 'profile' selector box for two separate extruders confuses the hell out of me.

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