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Cura Filling shaft holles with skinlayer

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Posted (edited) · Cura Filling shaft holles with skinlayer

 Hello and Hi ,i have been having this problem where cure fills the shaft hole with a skin

and for the life of me cant seem to fix it or remove it i have sliced it with replicator g40 and comes out ok but not great

i have asked all kind of communitys to assist but no luck if anyone can help i will really apritiate it

i have attached a picture of how it looks on Cura and with the Build preview




2029946082_Beforeslice.JPG.b8e48bb1268f4aa6dd2b3c3e26db0f48.JPG92549937_Slicepreview.JPG.f5e0a08a61fdebd17743cf602a66dfad.JPG!0 tooth sprocket (7).stl

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Posted · Cura Filling shaft holles with skinlayer

Did you use sketchup?  If so make sure all the faces inside that hole are white and not gray.  You right click on each face (I guess there is just one face) and swap the faces.  That should fix the problem.


It's also possible you have too many cylinders - look at the part in xray view and anything red is the problem (does cura still have xray view?  I can't find it)


Anyway look at the options in "mesh fixes".  Uncheck everything.  Make sure all the meshfixes are visible (there are 8 of them) and uncheck them all.  Or maybe you'll have to check one of them.


If this is not your model you can run it through the netfabb repair service.

netfabb free repair service is here (you have to create a free account first):

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Posted · Cura Filling shaft holles with skinlayer

Found xray view.  Go to "preview" mode in the top then on the top left go into "view type" and change to xray mode.  Everything should be shades of blue and white.  Anything red or brown means a ray passing from your eye through the part encountered an odd number of walls.  But it should *always* be even.


Most cad programs won't let you do this but sketchup makes it hard to make everything solid - sketchup is not good at making 3d models - it makes models that look good on the screen but don't print so well.  However if you are a sketchup expert let me know and I can point you to some nice tools and simple advice to use sketchup successfully.


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