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Time Lapse Stringing


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Posted · Time Lapse Stringing

Hey guys, I started to make time lapse videos of 3d printing. Printer (Alfawise U30) works great but when I sent extruder at specific location it makes strings behind it every layer. For sending extredur I'm using Time Lapse from Post Processing Scripts. Any ideas what should I do ? 



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    Posted · Time Lapse Stringing

    First check if it's retracting.  Look at it in cura layer view and turn on blue travel moves.  There should be dark blue and light blue lines.  The dark blue should be non-retraction moves.  The light blue - retraction moves.


    Then tune the amount of retraction.  Too little or too much retraction and you get stringing.  You want just enough retraction to relieve the pressure but not enough to get any air into the nozzle.


    Increase your travel speed and acceleration.  The slower the travel speed the more time you have for filament to heat up and expand and slowly leak out.  On the Ultimaker printers you can easily go to 300mm/sec and 5 meters/s/s acceleration for nonprinting (travel) moves.


    Finally, slow down.  Slowing down your printing speed means there is less pressure in the nozzle which means less leaking on non-printing moves.  But if you get things perfect I can print at 200mm/sec without any stringing.  But I rarely do.  I usually print at 35mm/sec as I have 7 printers and I'm usually not in a rush.

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    Posted · Time Lapse Stringing

    Ok, so I managed to decrease retraction speed to 30 from 45 mm/s, increase retraction distance from 4.5 to 6mm, decrease print speed from 50 to 40 mm/s, increase travel speed from 150 to 200 mm/s and increase fan speed from 70 to 100%. First 50 layers it worked great. From printing to time lapse position it went really quick (200mm/s) and then went again printing very fast as well. But in the picture you can see, when it started to print these small rectangles it started stringing again but different. During printing higher layers it went from printing very fast to tima lapse position but back to printing it went very slow, probably in printing speed (40mm/s). While it was travelling back to printing in speed of printing, I saw filament coming out extruder and when it came to printing that filament string sticked to wall from outside. I don't understand why it slowed down that travelling speed. Any ideas please?


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