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Which Adhesive and why so Spendy

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Posted · Which Adhesive and why so Spendy

I have been using good old UHU glue stick on my glass plates forever it just works. Now that I have my S5, I can work on orders that require filaments that are more exotic.
I am building a fully sealed Chamber with a vent hood for the printer, complete with active carbon filters venting outside.
I have 2X CC Red Ordered.
My first Order is sample prints in Nylon, CPE and Poly Carbonate.
I asked about the LayerLock Garolite no one has used it yep but I will pick one up once they are back in stock just for testing.
(However, I digress)
Let us talk 3d Adhesives. Which ones have you used and would you suggest for Nylon CPE and PC. Can anyone explain why 25ML of what is water-soluble glue is 20 bucks? That will alter my per part cost.
Magigoo 19.95 for 100 Applications about 20 cents each time you use it and you have to use it in one month?
Stick Stick?
Dimafix seems to work bests for HIGH bed temperatures 75c+
Smart Stick
Nano Polymer Adhesive?




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Posted · Which Adhesive and why so Spendy

I have used Dimafix and 3DLac, both are working fine, the difference is that you have to apply Dimafix after each print, 3DLac can be used longer. I used both only ABS or sometimes for CPE(PETG). 


When I am not using UHU Stick, I use Magigoo because it is so easy to apply. I still have my first bottle, so it lasts long. You don't have to apply it every time. What do you mean with "use it in one month"?


The UM adhesion sheets are also great. You get not only a good adhesion, but you have also a protection against chipping your glass. 


Magigoo has also a special Nylon and PC product, I have ordered it, but haven't tried it yet. Basically I prefer sticks and not sprays, because it is easier to apply and I don't have to put out the glass from the printer. Dimafix has now also a stick version, but haven't tried it yet.


Adhesion depends also on the model you print. For bigger things and with materials which tends to warp, I usually use one of the sprays, for smaller models, Magigoo or just UHU stick is enough.


And keep in mind that adhesion is one thing, but the other thing is that you want to get the stuff from the bed again after printing and this can be a challenge with the wrong product. So think always that you don't only apply the adhesives just for sticking to the bed, but also as a protection for your glass. I chipped both sides of my S5 glass with a small ABS print and using 3DLac. I had no chance to get it off. 

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