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CURA using too much support

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Posted (edited) · CURA using too much support



I'm using Cura 4.3 and an Ultimaker S5 printer, trying to print with PLA on extruder #1 and PVA on extruder #2 (both PLA and PVA are Ultimaker as well).


The problem I seem to be having is that Cura adds SO much support. It is basically wrapping my models into PVA, for no apparent reason.


I have made a videoto show you what exactly I am talking about: https://imgur.com/e2FnetL


Basically, I want to ask if this is cosidered normal, and if not what settings should I try?


Or better, what are the best settings you guys recommend you guys recommend using to get the best prints with my setup. (S5, Ulti materials, PLA+PVA)


Current settings, used in the video above: Latest CURA model, latest firmware on printer, 0.1 mm layer, 10% infil, support everywhere using exturder 2 (PVA), brim made with extruder 2, the rest are basic, recommended settings.


Thanks a lot.



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    Posted · CURA using too much support

    This is controlled by the setting “Support Horizontal Expansion. Feel free to set it to 0.


    The reason it is not set to 0 by default is that printing very tall shallow  towers of PVA on a PLA print does not work very well.

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    Posted · CURA using too much support

    Thanks a lot, that does the trick. Really appreciate it. Will this affect the quality of the print in any way? using 0 (instead of 3, the value put by CURA before).


    Also, I've been in the situation when the roll of filament finished before a print finished. All good, the sensor got it, I put a new roll in, and the print continued. However, I got a small gap in the print, an imperfection. Is there something I can do about this, if this happens again?


    I've uploaded a picture, and you can see on the top of the print, 1 CM from the top going down, a line going all the way along the print. That's  what I'm referring too.




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