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Cura 4.1.0 pause at height issue UMS5

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Posted · Cura 4.1.0 pause at height issue UMS5

Background: 6 round pieces, 1 from extruder 1, 5 from extruder 2.


I recently went to print something with a pause at layer height.  Everything ran smoothly until the pause. 


After resuming the print, I happened to be looking at the lcd display and saw an error message pop up and immediately disappear while the z axis was rising.  there was a glob in a random place from extruder 1 and it paused again.  After the second resume, it began to print but was printing starting with extruder 1 in midair, roughly 30mm offset from the actual print.  Clearly the wrong color and way off in the correct location.


I've run this print before, but this is a new slice of the same components.  Not sure if i made a mistake or it was a software issue.  What can i check?  I am currently running an XY calib just to cover my bases but the only big change was a firmware update on the printer and a Cura update.


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