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Nozzle clogging with eSun ABS+

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Posted · Nozzle clogging with eSun ABS+

Printer: S5, Cura 4.3.0, Generic "Normal" ABS profile

I've not printed much of this eSun ABS+, but have had some successful prints using generic ABS settings. However, with what I am trying to print right now at least twice the nozzle (AA 0.4) has clogged at roughly the same place. When I did a nozzle cleaning, the red went up further then I would expect; I strongly suspect it's a heat creep clog. The cooling fan is running and blows, it seems, about as much air as such a tiny fan can (UM: Use a bigger fan). Airways seem largely unobstructed.  Picture attached. Note I have printed a single of these in this filament (and many others in other filaments) successfully, though I don't recall if it was troublesome.

From my reading, my best guess is the solution is to slow down, particularly the infill speed? However, infill speed is only 45 in the normal profile, not exactly zooming. Maybe this ABS carries heat better then normal? Fully clearing the clog takes quite a bit of time, so I'm hesitant to randomly try stuff, at least some clue would be nice 🙂 I did try printing 5 degree hotter, that was this result; of course, if it is heat creep, that would make it worse, not better. I don't want to print cooler, this is a mechanical part.


Any solutions or suggestions appreciated.


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