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A bit unhappy with the marketplace for the UMS3


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Posted · A bit unhappy with the marketplace for the UMS3

Hello everyone. 

I recently bought an Ultimaker S3 for my little Start-Up.

I have already worked with an Ultimaker 3 at my old company. Because of that and the huge Marketplace with lots of Materialprofiles for many industrial components i decided to invest into a new Ultimaker S3. 

The printer works awesome so far. I really like the new Touch display. I also believe the start routine before each print got improved a bit. 


Now the big update for me and why I bought the UM3S and not one or even two UM3 where the updated feeders. I wanted the ability to print really strong parts with high standards and those hassles-free Profiles from the Marketplace


And here is my current problem which makes the whole package not getting the 100% :

All the materials I was testing in the market place were not supported for the UMS3... yet. I read that every company which provides filament for the Marketplace also does the Materialprofile. My problem is not that it seems like those companies hadn't enough time yet to look after the profiles.
But these profiles get promoted as if they were done. At least that was what I read in a datasheet about the UMS3. 


If i had known that i needed to wait for those profiles to get released it would have been possible to plan with that. 


But to see it now is a bit of an unhappy event. 


Although we don't have a needed application yet for what we would like to use Materials from the Marketplace, we would like to have some parts ready for the next fair at which we participate. 


All i currently know is that i have to wait. Fair enough. But how long? 


The overall Ultimaker experience is really a good one. But for this one I feel a little bit left behind. At least for communication...

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    Posted · A bit unhappy with the marketplace for the UMS3

    It is true that the material profiles come from the manufacturers, Ultimaker only provides the platform with the Marketplace. If and when new profiles come for the S3, only the manufacturer can tell you.


    But experience has shown that the profiles are often only a reference point, as only a few parameters such as temperature, retract etc. are defined. This means that you can often read these parameters from the data sheet on the manufacturer's website and then simply set them yourself. These profiles do not do much more.


    Another way is to edit the material profile file directly, as far as I can remember there is a parameter for which printers the profile is valid. So when you just add the S3 there, you should be able to use it.

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