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ICE filament

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Posted · ICE filament


does anyone ever tried ICE filaments? Would you recommend?

They look cheap on amazon.

Ultimaker 3 is the printer.

Thank you.

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Posted · ICE filament

Hi there, 

I have the same question, especially the ABS+ from ICE.

I've printed the PLA 2 years ago. That worked out pretty nice.



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Posted · ICE filament

I have tried these:


- PLA, orange and white: bright colors, printed very nice and smooth, but stuck a little bit less to the glass than Ultimaker or colorFabb PLA when using my "salt method" (=wiping glass with tissue moistened with salt water). Seemed to be slightly less temperature resistant than other PLA. Otherwise no problems. Prints at standard speeds and temps.


When burning pieces in a metal spoon on a bunsen-burner, it leaves very little black ash: just a little bit of dry, loose powder that can easily be wiped off. So, the same can be expected in the nozzle.


- PET: prints okay, but doesn't like to do overhangs without cooling: when liquid it is more rubbery than PLA, so it does not make a nice string but rather snaps and folds back into a blob onto the nozzle. So it has trouble closing gaps. I don't know if this is brand-related or rather material-related, because I have no comparison. Could be just a general PET-characteristic. I use this PET for printing carabiner hooks (more flexible than PLA, and less creep), for printing watermark logos (transparent), and for stuff in the car (can withstand summers, contrary to PLA). Prints best slower and cooler than standard, I generally use 215...225°C and 25...35mm/s.


When burning in a metal spoon, it leaves a thick glossy sort of varnish, that is hard to remove. So, when printing too hot, this might also occur in the nozzle, I guess. Again, not sure if this is a brand-characteristic, or PET-characteristic. Thus print cool.


- ABS+: only printed one test-cube with it. Less strong than PET or PLA, way softer also. Warps a lot and smells bad, as you could expect from ABS. I can't compare with other brands, as I never printed any other ABS. But I would use PET or PLA instead.



I think the PLA and PET are worth a try. I wouldn't use any ABS, unless really necessary.


Models below are in ICE-PET:






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Posted · ICE filament

I failed completly with the ICE PLA (white). I was not even able to load it once correctly.
-First trial: it plugged my nozzle during the loading (no material coming out of the nozzle/extruder scrubbing)

-Second, third, fourth trial: it got stuck in the bowden tube (Material scrubbed of in the extruder)


All other filaments worked correctly on my Ultimaker 2+

I returned ist to Amazon 

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Posted · ICE filament

I use their polycarbonate filament. It's a rather pure PC without many additives which gives superb technical properties but is harder to print than some other highly modified PCs (polymaker for example).

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