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Feature Request for Rafts

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Posted · Feature Request for Rafts

Hi, I've been using Cura for 6 months now, and I usually don't need to print rafts, but sometimes it's needed. I'm noticing a problem when printing the raft, though. Cura doesn't print the raft in what I'd call a logical fashion: it prints the outline, then prints the back/forth stripes in a sort of random sequence. It also doesn't Z-hop when traveling, and this causes some tearing and pulling up of the already printed pines, and that can seriously mess up the raft! Sometimes it'll all get pulled off the bed and end up sticking to the hot-end.


What I propose for a new feature is Z-Hop when travelling during raft printing!


Also, it would be very helpful if the entire raft was printed in a logical way, let's say left to right, and not the way it is now where it'll print some lines, then move to another section, print some more, etc.

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