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Cura wont print large object.

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I'm trying to print a large object on my Ultimaker+, but Cura doesn't seem to like it,

when I press print, the dialogue screen comes up, and the G-code is loading, but soon after it becomes unresponsive in activity monitor, even after 30mins.

I tried several things:

-several versions of the latest and older of Cura, same problem

-printing a small object, works fine

-using Cura on faster imac and transferring to print Mac mini, same problem.

-just loading the G-Code, same problem.

-rebooting, same problem.

is it possible that Cura doesn't like objects larger then the normal size of the UM ?

or is the G-code the culprit ?

here are the files, if someone likes to take a look :)





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I tried loading your gcode in cura, but its to big indeed.

would be a mess if cura would start printing.

The stl file is to big as well.

You could try to scale with the middle icon to the maximum size of your printer.

But I would try a steady factor ( with this stl) of 0.5. would be a height of 143.2 mm in my cura.

even less if you (with the settings of your Gcode) won't wait for 7 hours printtime.

And (seen this cloud before I Think) check the size of the spaceshuttle you want to put on top :)


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I tried loading your gcode in cura, but its to big indeed.


do you mean Cura has a file size limit ?

the size easily fits my Ultimaker+, and scaling the object would defeat the purpose of printing it,

it is supposed to be a base for my TinTin rocket, and that too is pretty big :)



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haha... your the one guy who downloaded my tin tin rocket from youmagine? it's a nice one.!

An ultimaker+ ? than I don't know.

I find it pretty confusing already reading this forum with a UM2 around :shock:.

Could be there's a limit in cura.

Wait and See what others have to say..


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I don't know if your object is too tall or too many line segments. I recommend as an experiment to reduce the number of polygons. Here's a quick way with meshlab which is free:


If the problem is the height I suspect you can mess with this in the "machine settings" max height setting. But more likely you need to reduce polygons. I think Daid said around 100k polygons things start to get bad in Cura (runs out of it's 2GB memory limit).


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Nah, it runs bad at around 500k polies, and I have done 1.5mil (but that's really pushing it)

Most likely the USB printing dialog is failing with the large GCode file. We have a few UM+ experimental machines, but we always use UltiControllers with those.


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