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Cura 13.11 retract before every layer change


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Posted · Cura 13.11 retract before every layer change

I've noticed something strange with my prints after I switched to Cura 13.11. An retraction/extrusion cycle seems to occur at each layer transition, with very little x-y movement. Sample g-code looks like this:

G1 F2400 X107.97 Y127.04 E214.34222


G1 F2400 E209.84222

G0 F9000 X107.85 Y127.55 Z8.20


G1 F2400 E214.34222

There is a retract, then a z-level change with slight x/y movement, then re-extrude.

I think the retract cycle is occurring at the beginning at an infill pass.It seems to occur for me with multiple models. This does not occur with Cura version 13.09 pre-release.

Minimum travel and minimum extrusion are set to 0... Combing is enabled.

Any thoughts on a setting I could change to stop this? It isn't a big thing, but on small items the blobbing is noticeable and one wonders whether filament grind-thru will become a problem.


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    Posted · Cura 13.11 retract before every layer change

    Is retraction visible in layer view? It is shown as a *vertical* short blue line. If so you could experiment and set the minimum travel to .7mm (which is farther than this moved) and see if the line (retraction) goes away.

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    Posted · Cura 13.11 retract before every layer change

    Hi gr5,

    Thanks! Yup, that did it. The retractions do show in the layer view, and they go away with minimum travel set as low as .3mm.

    I guess I don't quite understand the intent of the min travel setting... My impression was that this setting regulated behavior based on all head travel between retractions. This part is basically a 11mm dia. cylinder w/ 100% infill, so there should have been more than enough travel between layers to avoid retracts. Ah well... one of those little quirks I suppose.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Posted · Cura 13.11 retract before every layer change

    Retraction works like this, if the head needs to move from place A to B without printing, it will do a few checks:

    * If the distance between A and B is less then the minimal travel, do nothing, just move there.

    * If point A or point B is not 0.6mm within the object boundary, it will move the points inwards and travel to the new point A

    * It draws a straight line between point A and B, if there is no intersection with this line and the 0.6mm internal boundary, do nothing, and move straight to B.

    * When we do cross a boundary, try to find a path around it. (Called combing)

    * If no path can be found that stays in the boundary, retract at the new point A and push back at the new point B.


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