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Not retracting when using a prime tower.

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Posted (edited) · Not retracting when using a prime tower.

Maye I missed the setting somewhere to enable this, but when I use dual extrusion with a prime tower (main material extruder 1, PVA extruder 2) it isn't retracting when it moves to the prime tower for extruder 1, leaving a whole bunch of strings pointing in the direction of the tower. In this case CC core printing GF30 PA6 for extruder 1, but likely not relevant.


Added: Correction. Looking at the preview, it might be when it *enters* the print from the prime tower. Like, it starts extruding early on the way in? Kind of odd, and I'm not sure how that could result in the strings hanging in mid air. I'm now confuse even more 🙂 The end result is a lot of strings pointing direction at the prime tower in any case.

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