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Added surfaces in Cura


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Posted · Added surfaces in Cura

Hi everyone I have been having an issue for some time now and its causing me great headaches.

After I have done all my design work and made an STL from it I find that when I load into Cura and put into preview I have surfaces I did not add and I think they print out that way too. How can I stop this?


first pick is what I want (above)



Preview shows surfaces all across




X Ray show red where the surface I wanted touches the outer rim, what does this mean?


Thanks in advance, Glyn

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    Posted · Added surfaces in Cura

    The red areas indicate that there's something wrong with your STL. Since the model is broken, Cura doesn't quite know what to do and takes a guess, sometimes it works out, sometimes not. Sometimes it helps to play around with the settings under "Mesh fixes", and sometimes it helps to run the STL through a repair tool.


    Some CAD programs are worse than others when it comes to creating broken STLs, Sketchup is notorious for it.

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    Posted · Added surfaces in Cura
    49 minutes ago, Wobler said:

    Can I open my sketchup file in another program and create STL from that?


    Yes, but the result will be the same. It is not the file format that is wrong, but the model. If you load the broken model into another program and save it again, it will still be broken. There are applications that can *try to* repair the model (netfabb is a popular one, meshmixer also sometimes does a decent job). But chances are they too will "misunderstand" what you meant and create plane where you do not want them.


    Best solution is not to use Sketchup for models you want to 3d print. Sketchup is a great program for many purposes, but not for 3d printing. TinkerCAD is a similarly simple program which produces models that 3d print well most of the time.

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    Posted · Added surfaces in Cura



    If your program creates bad STL files, find another program to use. I've spent a lot of time with "fixer" programs. They are not the right answer. There are a *lot* of programs out there that you can use. Some are free, others cost money. In some cases a $100 program is the better answer than a "broken" free one. 



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