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Shifted Layers vs Overheating vs Wire on UM2E+


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Posted · Shifted Layers vs Overheating vs Wire on UM2E+

Dear all,

I made 3 times a good 15 hr print on my UM2E+

The 4th time the print suddenly showed a shift on the Y-axis, almost at the end of the print

I marked the pulleys, the belts seem tight (so I did not change anything)

The 5th print, came out good. 

The 6th print showed again a shift on the Y-axis, the same way as the 4th print, also the same height

At the moment when it happened, I heard a sound, different from normal; a sound like what you hear when you connect with a usb to upgrade the firmware.

( I paused the print, and continued after a while, but the print continued to print at the wrong spot)


I checked the marks on 8 pulleys; they are at the same spot. All belts seem tight enough.

There are two pulleys connected with the two motor blocks I did not mark however.

The two motors can become quite hot.

The bottom heat (motherboard) seems okay; that was not really warm when it happened.


Would anybody know how I can solve this issue?

I know that there are more discussions about this, but some are different. I found this similar topic. Maybe somebody can have a look at my description of the problem?

Answers may also be written in Dutch. Pulleys and belts, stepper motor..., the English terminology is sometimes a bit confusing for me.


My conclusion so far;

-All belts and 8 pulleys seem okay

-Prints the same gcode sometimes good and sometimes with shifted layer, after quite some hours of print

-When this happens I hear a sound like a "Pòck!











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    Posted · Shifted Layers vs Overheating vs Wire on UM2E+



    The stepper motors are driven with little driver IC's. When the IC's overheat the motors miss steps. The net result is a shift in the printing location. I'd check the vent fan on the printer and make sure it is not blocked in some way.



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    Posted · Shifted Layers vs Overheating vs Wire on UM2E+



    I believe there is a fan on the back side of the printer than moves air in to cool the electronics. I don't have a 2E+ so I'm guessing here. 


    IC = Integrated Circuit. A small bit of electronics stuff.  In this case a chip that is specifically designed to take high level commands from the computer in the UM2E+ and turn them into signals that actually run the stepper motors. 



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