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Sell Ultimaker 1 + improvements

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Posted · Sell Ultimaker 1 + improvements

Dear All,


I would like to sell the Ultimaker 1 machine that I have. The machine is around 1 year old, we mainly used it for experimentation with heated bed, springs etc., and it wasn't used much for printing per-se.


I am missing a few screws (the small screw in the Aluminum block the used for tightening the heater and sensor, the one that attached the small fan to the print head), and also missing the original small fan. However, I give in return the following (and I have photos and movies to those interested):

1. Alternate small fan.

2. Blue tapes - 2 wide rolls of blue tape, 3M, unused.

3. Our own make of larger range and very strong springs for the bed.

4. Ceramic bed plate (Alumina 99%) - ultra hard, can stand very high temperatures, flat (!!) in tolerance of +/-0.03mm.

5. Silicon pad bed heater, our own design, good spread of heat around the bed - 300W, fast.

6. Makor (ceramic) unit to replace the plastic PEEK in the print head (I also have 2 PEEK units that I will give).

7. Nozzles - our own make of nozzles (many of them) of 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm.

8. For the heated bed - 400W, 24VDC power supply for the silicon pad + PID 12VDC (I have power supply, I can give it too if necessary), SSR with Aluminum heat sink, Sensors.

9. Plastic - 1 roll of ABS from Ultimaker, 0.5 roll of PLA from Ultimaker, 2+2 rolls of ABS and PLA from 3rd party supplier.

10. Belts - I have extra belts, many of them, and I will add to the machine.

11. UltiController.


If anybody is interested in more information, please let me know (adam.givon@gmail.com).


I will send the machine assembled with DHL.







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