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Diagonal line artifact on prints

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Posted · Diagonal line artifact on prints

Using Cura 4.4.1 with Ender 3.  I have a diagonal line artifact showing up on the outer wall in two designs that are essentially boxes. The line starts near the lower corner and moves up diagonally for several layers. In preview mode, I can see that for these layers, Cura is starting the outer wall at a point other than a corner and then progressively moves the starting point along X for each subsequent layer. All other layers start the outer wall at a corner. 


Layer 10 completes the bottom of the print and layer 11 is the first fill layer. This layer starts the outer wall at a corner. Beginning with later 12, the outer wall starts at a point that is not a corner and then moves along X for each subsequent layer up though 51, creating this diagonal line artifact (top of image is bottom print layer):



If this figure at the top right, you can see the outer wall about to be completed at layer 12. The wall started with a retraction from the adjacent wall and then when the wall is complete an inward retraction is used to start the fill. 



Each subsequent layer up through layer 51 moves the starting point along X as seen here. This image is the outer wall at layer 51 about to be closed. Starting at layer 52, all subsequent layers start the outer wall at a corner. 



I'm using a gyroid fill, but cubic gives the similar result. 


Any ideas on how to get rid of this? Is this just a bad starting point decision by Cura?


CE3_Uno Card Box - Top.gcode

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