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Ultimaker 2 Extended+ - Feeding Jams & Issues

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Posted · Ultimaker 2 Extended+ - Feeding Jams & Issues

Hi there,

We're having some issues with one of our Ultimaker 2 Extended+'s at work where after about 3 minutes of printing, the filament will get jammed in the clear bowden tube due to the feeder gears eating into the filament and the printer will start printing in air and not extruding any material. I've tried opening the feeder box and cleaning out any dust and filament  particles, cleaning the two gears that latch onto the filament and testing different tension settings in the spring however the issue still persists. I'm quite certain there are no problems at the extruder end as i've changed the nozzle out for a brand new one and there are no obstructions in the extruder.

Is this a common issue or do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? Or are there any specific parts i should look to replace first in the feeder mechanism such as the gears the filament passes between or the motor itself? If there are any pictures i can take which may help diagnose the cause please let me know. 

Images below show what happens after printing for a few minutes

Thanks for the help,



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