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Problems with printing stuff on Creality CR-10s

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Posted · Problems with printing stuff on Creality CR-10s

Hello everyone, 

I am new to 3d printing world and recently I assembled Creality cr-10s.

After a day of setting it up and adjusting bed and all those stuff I started my first print,

Found some small robot that was recommended in one of the videos I watched.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to print with my setup (posted in 3 pictures in the attachment).

First one printed legs and then for some weird reason it started retracting plastic from the nozzle and

pushing it backwards. I noticed that on one sport too much filament was ejected and that's probably the reason

it retracted plastic and continued to print in the air without any plastic.

Ive tried with different model as well but it happened even earlier (all 3 attempts in picture in the att., one almost finished but it stopped working at the very end).

My friend that uses same 3d printer for some time said he had a similar problem and that it was plastic quality issue,

he went to the store bought new plastic and it worked fine for him. Im using plastic that came with the printer.

Since I don't have any extra funds atm Im wondering if its really a plastic problem and can it be fixed somehow without using new/better plastic?

Current plastic Im using is 1.75mm PLA that says CCTREE gift on it.






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