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UMO and U2 dimensional compatability?

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Posted · UMO and U2 dimensional compatability?

Hi, I have two Ultimaker originals and I'm looking at upgrades and mods.


What ultimaker 2 parts are DIMENSIONALLY compatible with UMO?


Would the gantry/head fit on an UMO or are the rods/bearings spaced differently?


Are the XY axis sliders the same? Could I print sliders designed for U2 and use them on my umo? 


Are the Z axis rods and leadscrew spaced the same? Can I put a ultimaker 2 bed on an ultimaker original? 


I know about the electrical differences, just can't seem to find info on physical fit. 


Thanks in advance for your time. 

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Posted · UMO and U2 dimensional compatability?



You can use an ultimaker 2 printhead on an UMO but you have to change the sliding blocks, because the two axes that go through the printhead are inverted.

I made an upgrade were I put an E3D V6 on my UMO and used this design.



As far as I know some people did put an UM2+ upgrade on an UMO. And I you have an UMO without heated bed it is an idea to buy one, but I am not sure that the UM2 heated bed is compatible with UMO. I am making a custom Heated Bed. with parts I buyed on AliExpress

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