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Can't get nozzle to budge UM2+ & UM2+Extended

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Posted · Can't get nozzle to budge UM2+ & UM2+Extended

I have tried the instructions on the site and still can't get the nozzles to budge and they appear to be stripping now.
The atomic method has gone smoothly so I know there isn't material still inside either.


I've used the little wrench and it's useless it won't even grip the nozzles at all. And they are breaking down too.
I bought a small socket wrench with a 7mm head to try and get better purchase on them. I still get no movement and stripping still.


I have no idea what's going on. When I try to take apart the whole head to see if I can get it deeper into the socket I can't get enough movement either and it's extremely hot as well.


I'm out of ideas on what to do. I have 5 machines I need to change heads on to print headgear visor masks for hospitals during Covid19 and right now I'm stuck on .4 nozzles making the prints very long.

Any other suggestions of things to try?

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