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infill-only overlapping modifier prints first

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Posted · infill-only overlapping modifier prints first



My project consists of one mesh who's infill is being modified by a secondary mesh. (ignore the floating squares, that's for positioning reasons since models are positioned based on bounding boxes)



My problem is that the infill that is being specified by the second mesh is printing first, and afterwards the normal mesh shell is printed, but I want the opposite: shell printed first, and then the infill.



This is a strange behavior, as normal infill follows what I've specified (when not set to zero), but the modified mesh infill doesn't.

The reason I'm printing this way is because I'm trying to print an RC aircraft wing, which is going perfectly if it weren't for the bumps that appear from the infill being printed first.


I've made sure "infill before walls" is unchecked for all meshes and world settings, yet nothing changes, and it seems to decide which one to print at random for different projects.


Do let me know what I should do, unless this is a cura problem, in which case please point me in the direction of how I can contact someone who can bring this up to the bug team!

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