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Ultimaker Extruder Problem


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Posted · Ultimaker Extruder Problem

Hello UM community!

The problem is:

If I want to print the Ultimakerrobot in PLA, my Ultimaker extrudes too much PLA, so if it reaches the body of the robot (where it comes bigger) the UM doesnt print a flat "brigde". The PLA just flows down so it looks very ugly!

But i heard that the UM (original) can handle flat spaces without any supportmaterial!

So how can I fix it?

Some Informations:

Printing Temperature: 214 °C

Material: PLA

Size of the robot: about 2-3cm on the Z axis

Printing speed: 100-200 mm/s

Thanks for coming answers


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    Posted · Ultimaker Extruder Problem

    You can definitely print the UM robot just fine on the UM2. I recommend re-slicing with Cura 13.11. Try printing slow. Try 40mm/sec or if you want flawless perfect quality go to 20mm/sec and 190C. But 214C at 40mm/sec should give you a large improvement. .2mm per layer is fine. .1mm per layer is fine also but will take longer. I'll post a picture in the next post...


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    Posted · Ultimaker Extruder Problem

    DSC 6354

    DSC 6355

    All robots done by my on my UM2.

    To zoom in to above pictures, first click on a picture, then right click and choose "view image" then click again and it should be bigger than your monitor (1500 pixels wide).

    The robot on the left was done with the robot slice that came on the SD card so I don't know the settings. It involved a hot heated bed at 70C.

    The robots on the right were printed on blue tape on the glass. The blue tape was washed with isopropyl alcohol so the robots would stick well. They were printed at 205C at 20mm/sec and then lowered to 200C when the printer got to the support structure for the robot's hands.

    I don't remember if I did .1mm or .2mm layers. If you have 2 robots one printed .1 and one .2 you can count the layers on these robots' shoulders and figure it out.


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