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Print core CC with Ultimaker 3 E - any solution?

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Posted (edited) · Print core CC with Ultimaker 3 E - any solution?

Hello there,


There were topics about the 0.6 print core CC and a lot of talk about how to use it with U3 (incompatible feeder). BUT, everybody just repeating the feeder issue and seems nobody tried it, at least I don't find any conversation about it. So I have an U3E, I replaced the feeders to Bondtech, which works fine. Now I have a CC print core, trying to play with the XSTRAND PA6 material.

I have made the necessary modifications in the code for the Bondtech feeders, according to this:


And it works juts fine with normal materials and print cores.


I installed the CC core and modified the gcode for the it, according to this:



The printer recognize the core, however before the actual printing starts, the printer shows a message that I have to override the setting, so it used as a 0.4 core. There is no option here, only click OK. I guess it is coming from Cura, because that does not recognize 0.6 CC core, so I have to set 0.4 print core. I made a custom profile for the CC core,  with 'line width' 0.58mm and so on... (copied from the S3 settings for the 0.6 CC core)


So I load the XSTRAND material press "OK" for all error messages. The print starts, the material is amazing, beautiful, the print goes well, until the core has to move to an "island" location. The oozing starts like hell. I have the same result as this guy (with Ultimaker 5S): 



Settings for the XSTRAND PA6 material (as suggested by the material manufacture in the post above):

Retract 12 MM at a sped of 40 mm/s

first layer height of 0.12 mm for 0.1 mm layers

Adhesion solution: Glue Stick

printing speed: 40 mm/s

Print temp: 240°C

Regular Fan Speed:  50%

Build Plate Temp: 60°C

Infill Speed: 50 mm/s

Initial Layer speed 20 mm/s

Minimum Speed 5 mm/s

Minimum Layer Time: 3 s

Build Plate Adhesion: skirt


So here my first print:




Anybody used CC print core with U3/E? Any experience? Any suggestions?




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