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Shocked about many issues with brand new UM2

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I'm still patiently waiting for my UM2, paid on october 7, and scheduled for the beginning of december, but I'm really shocked about the issues that are rising after the users had received their UM2.

I've read about broken screws inside the unit, extra parts like hair, locked extrusions, disconnected connectors, stray pieces...

Is it possible that a machine like the UM2, far from a cheaper chinese printer, to fail in final quality check?

I agree to wait time needed to have a perfectly working unit - as somebody told us - but now I'm asking:

-what can I expect on mine?-



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You can expect that IF you have issues, you will be taken care of. Ultimaker are working hard on eliminating all these issues for future machines that go out.

However, I think it's very important to point out that there are A LOT of very happy customers as well. The thing is that people who are happy generally don't speak about it nearly as loud as those who have problems.


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thank you for your prompt answer.

I'm sure that there are many happy users, and I hope to became one of them. I've faced the UM2 with enthusiasm, excited for this awesome project, but I just want to say that is not nice to read that a new customer received the UM2 last week, had immediately an issue, asked for help on monday and at the moment did not received an answer:

User: Chelys - http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/504-ultimaker-italiani/page-2

I'm sure they are working hard, but I can suggest to power the customer support; no answer after 3-4 days is not admittable.

I'm owner of a company, I work with precision mechanics and I know what is total quality control and the rules of a good customer support.


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A point to remember is that, there will always be a vocal minority on the internet, People will complain loudly (and rightly) if something doesn't live up to their expectations!

People who are happy are usually to busy enjoying their new toy to shout about it.

I am one of the latter, I have had my UM2 for 3 days and it is pretty bloody awesome.



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Please encourage that person to translate to english. I only read the english pages and if you post a question in english you will get a fast response. There probably just aren't enough italian users yet that are nice enough and smart enough to answer all the questions yet. Most of them are probably not reading the forums and are enjoying their printer.


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