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Print Direction Issues

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Posted · Print Direction Issues

Having issues with the direction of my print. I am trying to print a simple heart cookie cutter. I had previously printed the same design with the same profile settings at 63mm in size with no issues. Upping the size to 106mm and the print flow stops at locations other than the seam and switches directions instead of continually moving around the heart.The smaller print stopped on the seam as expected.  This is giving me a lot of strings and inner wall blobs... outter walls look great! Also, i keep getting a thermal runaway error with this object in both sizes the small at 10% and the larger at 4% when i print objects others have created or with different profiles i do not get this error. I have attached my STL file as well as my profile. I appreciate any feedback on my setting as I am new to this and trying to figure it out...


Curaprofiletest.curaprofile SugarBees Heart .stl

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