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Slicing Gaps

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I want to start off saying that I love Cura and that 99.99% of the time it works wonderfully. Today when I tried to slice a particular model I got some strange results:


And the original model for comparison:


Has anyone had issues like this? The model has been run through netfabb, which claims there are no problems with the stl file.


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1) Look at the model in Cura "xray" view. If there are any red spots at all, cura considers that a problem.

2) If it's going to be a lot of work in your cad software to "fix" all the red areas (internal walls) then consider using the "fix horrible" settings. There are 4 checkboxes but you only have to try 11 combinations because A and B on at the same time is meaningless.

3) Also you may have an opening maybe? Somewhere on this level where the gap is? Or maybe your window panes don't connedt to the window frames.

If you are going to try all 11, I recommend slicing very very thick (like .4mm or whatever the max is) so you can try them all quickly.


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Well, I've tried xray view and it doesn't show any red spots. I've tried about 8 variations of "fix horrible" but they all have the same gcode skips (they mostly just fill in the inner cavity of the model which isn't desired). I'll keep playing with settings.

[Edit] This troublesome model was part of a bigger print that I had divided in half to make it printable. I decided to try dividing it again to see if I could get a better stl to work with and for some reason it worked this time. Not certain what I did differently but it seems there was something Cura didn't like about the original stl. [/Edit]


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