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another UMS5 print accuracy problem thread

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Posted · another UMS5 print accuracy problem thread



I've been using a Prusa i3 mk3s for about 6 months making custom IC shipping containers and decided to upgrade to an S5 a little under a month ago. I've had issues with interlocking prints being oversized, which is pretty well documented around this forum. Most people recommend simply using a negative horizontal expansion value to bring the print size closer to the .STL size. While I have some success using a -0.1mm horizontal expansion value for outer dimensions, my model has some fine 0.4 mm wide lines on the surface which get completely removed by using this horizontal expansion value. I have to say, this is very disappointing. I will echo the many other reports I have seen of people running into XY dimensional accuracy issues with this printer and say that I am very surprised a Prusa mk3s produces much more accurate prints with less work. At this point I would not recommend anyone purchase the S5 if dimensional accuracy is important to them.


It seems like a software or firmware fix would be appropriate to solve this issue; does UM plan to address this issue, or are there any plugins that will adjust outer and inner walls only and leave single wall features alone?


Thank you,



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