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Posted · UM3 source code

I have an UM3 for quire a while now and want to make some modifications to the firmware.


After some reading on the forums I fount that the UM3 firmware is available on request, but Ultimaker is systematically ignoring my requests.

So is there anyone who has gotten the UM3 firmware, or knows how to get it?


I doubt that Ultimaker itself will be of any help, since they are still ignoring my emails.

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    Posted · UM3 source code

    The firmware (more than just a marlin firmware since it uses marlin as it where a printer driver) you can download it and change it by yourself (is very well documented). The problem is that is signed so you can’t make your own firmware pack. To avoid this, years ago a UM guy answered my prayers (or head bangs)


    good hunt!



    This was written by Oliver on




    Sorry to reply so late, anyhow.

    The printers are indeed not shipped with the micro SD card in use. However any OS you put there, will be booted first. Iow, the microSD card has priority over the onboard storage. Since we use an A20, I would suggest to head over to http://linux-sunxi.org to get familiar for the low level stuff.

    Alternatively, to install a 'custom iamge', it is true, we do not want to make it too easy. Not because we don't want people to experiment, on the contrary, but we have to protect our general users from themselves (or mischievous users?). When updating via the Menu (either via the internet or via a USB stick) the firmware does indeed need to be signed. The GUI checks the signature. But that's it. If you want to manually deploy a custom image, it would work something like:

    1) enable developer mode
    2) scp your rootfs.tar.xz to /tmp/rootfs.tar.xz
    3) run 'systemctl isolate update.rootfs.target' on the printer, which can be done either via the serial console, ssh or execute the command remotely (over ssh).

    This will install a custom firmware onto the machine. For small changes, as Jaime mentioned, you can just ssh in and modify/copy files.




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    Posted · UM3 source code

    To get started - put your UM3 in developer mode and ssh into the printer.  If you don't know what ssh is then you are probably taking on a project too complicated.


    On the printer are lots of python files.  Nothing is compiled - everything is readable.  Most of the code is in python an the "py" files.  well commented.  Nothing is obscured.


    There is a second computer on the UM3, an arduino style computer.  That is running Marlin.  That is published somewhere but I forget where at the moment.  Most of what you might want to experiment with however is on the linux machine.

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    Posted · UM3 source code
    12 hours ago, TheodorK said:

    After some reading on the forums I fount that the UM3 firmware is available on request, but Ultimaker is systematically ignoring my requests.


    Only the "Marlin"-part of the firmware is open source (AFAIK) and should indeed be available on request. Who do you asked? One of the moderators or administrators here can probably connect you to the right person if you want to change this part (for the motion controller). But it's a fairly old (and stripped down) standard version of Marlin and probably not of much help anyway.


    As gr5 said: some things (json and python files) can be changed direct on the printer in developer mode (for your personal needs - not for resale - and of course on your own risk).

    Other things can be controlled by the API - which can be an alternative way (depending on your requirements).


    The display / menu control is an exception (not written in Python) and the Ultimaker Connect / Cloud part is closed source anyway.


    So the question is: Which part(s) do you want to modify?


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    Posted · UM3 source code

    Thanks y'all for the responses, these are all quite usefull tips.

    I know have the marlin source files so the editing can start.


    The goal is to integrate a filament flow sensor into my um3 3d printer.

    Once there are any updates, I'll let you know (but probably in another thread)

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