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Requesting a course

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Posted · Requesting a course


Our e-learning platform is only as successful as the courses it hosts. Would you like to see a course about a specific subject or product that you don’t currently see? Let us know!

Unfortunately we can’t promise all suggestions will automatically be added but we’ll certainly discuss them with the team. Do you see a suggestion that you strongly support? Like it to add your vote.


When suggestions are coming in, I will create a summarising list below in this post. 

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    Posted · Requesting a course

    Fundamentals of modeling....seems to be a continuing issue. Not modeling pertaining to programs, but the fundamental issues that arise no matter what program. Non-water tight, too thin holes, useless voids, tolerances for tab-and-slot type of engineering, ball and socket...things like that?

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    Posted · Requesting a course

    Starting about noon on Christmas day, there will be a huge influx of people (mostly young people) who will be getting into 3D printing with absolutely no idea of what is involved.  The same questions will be asked numerous times and will require the same answers over and over.  A sticky thread of how to get started might be a good idea.  This would be more for the non-Ultimaker crowd that is looking to Cura as their slicer.  They will be knocking on the door here.  The Cura Reddit crew is going to have their hands full.


    So my suggestion for right now is to start on 3d Printing 101 covering:

    • Why it's important to put the machine together square and parallel.
    • What are steps/mm and why are they important.
    • Importing STL files from Thingiverse and the shortcomings of some models and why they don't slice.
    • Basic slicing with Cura.  Things to look for in the Preview pane.
    • Basic Gcode commands (G28, G29, G92, M104, etc) and why a printer needs to see them.
    • Why USB printing isn't a great idea.

    Much of it could be just posting links to sites containing the information and/or videos to get them pointed in the right direction.  They aren't going to look at "Cura Settings Explained", they are just going to post a question that could have been searched for and the answer found.  There might be value in having a thread "New to 3D Printing - Start Here" that always stays at the top of the list.  At the end it could have the etiquette rules and such for the site.


    When they move on from "Mini's" they can learn about tolerances, supports, the effect of infill on structural integrity and strength, FEA, and the rest of the arcane and boring that makes up the vast realm of engineering.


    It's already on your calendar...Christmas day...about 4 hours after they open that big box with the Chinese writing on it.  And some of them will be potential Ultimaker customers down the road a bit.

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