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Need Nozzle Overview

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Posted · Need Nozzle Overview

I managed to destroy a nozzle of my UM3 AA print core. I was just about to by a 0.4mm nozzle from some Ultimaker dealer when I came across some info that they might not be compatible. A bit of searching in the forum leaves me confused.


Is there an overview on the Nozzle issue for the UM3 for beginners?


if no, I read that the nozzles in the original printheads are not meant to be replaced. I found a video by GR575 where he dismonted a nozzle that did not seem that compled. Ony thing that stunned me that there was not kind of sealing ring. But the hard part it to get nozzles.  In the officua shops you get hundreds

* Olson Nozzle, isn't that the design concept for the UM3 printhead? I was about to by some of these are spare nozzles. Bad idea?

* Steel nozzle, I understand that keeps longer with abrasive materials like fiber filament etc.

* Diamon/Ruby nozzles, for fiber filament

* non standard UM3 sizes as 0.1mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm etc.. I wonder why Ultimaker does not offer a 0.1nozzle for fine prints if that is available. One would expect that with hat a lot better details can be achieved. At least for industrial versions?


However, nobody in the shops seems to bother to list spec data. What thread is involved, what are the dimensions etc. So if the original UM3 has M6 fine thread with a special lenght, how can I find a place (in Europe) to get some. Does it really mean that all those nozzles require non-Original print heads, e.g. fomr this company 3D solex? If so there seems to be a complete parallel universe out there of people using their Ultimakers with incompatible-to-the-original printheads. That would be really weird..


So, again, I am sorry to admit to be confused. I guess I need someone to point me in the right direction. I had hoped I would have a good choice of Ulitmaker spares and support material in the market that is ready for delivery in a short time. Is that not true for original nozzles?


Thanks for reading.




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    Posted · Need Nozzle Overview

    Just phoned with a dealer and he confirmed that those nozzles are not necessarily compatible to the UM3. From what he says nobody seems to manage to destroy nozzles.... He could not help me out technically, but I know know that buying a spare nozzle is not as simple as I had expected.


    Hope someone went through that before...

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    Posted · Need Nozzle Overview

    Hi, it's me again.


    The printcores for the UM3 and the S-series are designed to be replaced as a whole. The 3D Solex hardcores are designed with replaceable nozzles.

    As you've already seen @gr5's video, it *might* be possible to change the nozzles, but not without big risk in cracking the heatbreak.


    Ther'e some topics about nozzle change, for example (unfortunately only in German):




    with links to replacement nozzles, which are meant to be compatible with the UM Printcores.

    ( https://www.3djake.de/3d-drucker-ersatzteile/3d-drucker-duesen?&f%5B65%5D=589


    https://www.filamentworld.de/shop/zubehoer/duesen-nozzles/micro-swiss-duese-twinclad-xt-ultimaker3-ultimaker-s5/ ).

    But there's no guarantee it'll work.




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    Posted · Need Nozzle Overview

    I have personally replaced the nozzle on 2 of my print cores now with the ones @Enigma_M4 said about above from 3djake made by micro-swiss and you really have to be careful what you are doing, so that you don't break the heatbreak. But please keep in mind that it really is a high risk that you might break it in trying.

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    Posted (edited) · Need Nozzle Overview

    @Enigma_M4, great thanks for the links. 


    >But there's no guarantee it'll work.

    But there is the guarantee that you'd never know if you don't even try 🙂


    If the design is as you say, the part is already lost, isn't it. So trying it should be a no-brainer and throwing it away is a lost chance in finding out exactly how easy they break, right?


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