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Ultimaker 2 will not print

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Just had my Ultimaker 2 delivered. Gone through the installation procedure upto 21/21, everything appears to be ok.

I've then chosen a test print from the SD card (tried all models on the card) and as soon as l press 'PRINT' the head moves slightly and then the machine shuts of power with a thunk noise, lights go out and then restarts. Just before the systems shuts down the display gives a message but it is to quick to read. After a few seconds the system starts back up and the display then gives options 'PRINT', MATERIAL' and 'MAINTENANCE'.

I've tried doing a factory reset but with the same results.

I've put in a support ticket but thought somebody on here may have had a similar problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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I suspect that you've got a short in the wiring for the heater in the head or the bed... as soon as those start up, the short causes the printer to shut down. I had similar things happen when I shorted the fan leads accidentally - but there shouldn't be any fans starting up at the beginning of the print (the fan on the back of the print head should ALWAYS be on when the printer is powered up - check that it is).

Check the wires going into the back of the bed to make sure they seem secure. Also, pull back the mesh around the wires going into the print head, and look for any loose wires or connectors (there should be one connector unused coming from the electronics under the printer. Everything else should be connected.

Finally, remove the cover over the electronics board under the printer, and check for loose connections there.


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You can do a simple test to determine if the problem is the nozzle or the bed or neither. On controller do:

Maintenance -> Advanced ->

Then either:

Heatup head


Heatup buildplate

Increase the temp until it is above current temp. At that moment power will be sent to the nozzle or heat bed and if this causes the failure then you probably have a short in that system.

If both by themselves are fine, try heating both at once. Maybe your power supply "brick" is wimpy (defective) and you need a new one because it can't supply the full needed power.


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Hi Keith,

Could you take a picture of the Power supply you have been given, and make sure all the values are visible?

We just discovered today that approx 20 customers have received the wrong power supply with their Ultimaker 2.

It is too weak, what happens is that when the heated bed is activated it shuts down, nothing bad happens to your Ultimaker. Obviously, if this is the case tomorrow first thing we will ship you a new power supply.

But to be sure, could you sent a picture? You can also sent it to our support team, they can sent you a new brick.


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Should be 9 amps, not 5.0A. So that's your problem. Create a ticket asap at support.ultimaker.com and they should get on it first thing tomorrow.

In the mean time you can print just fine on cold glass. Create a new "filament" that wants the heated bed to be 0C or change the existing PLA filament to want heated bed at 0C. Then either print on the blue tape cold (but first cleaned with alcohol to get the wax off the blue tape) or you can print on cold glass if the first layer of PLA is at 240C and if you put some gluestick on there first.



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Hi Keith,

Have you already received a reply from one of my colleagues?

I am happy to say that your Power Supply has been sent out today.

Please sent me a DM if you want me to sent you the tracking code.

Hi Simon,

Your Power Supply will be sent out tomorrow.

I will also update you with your tracking code once it has been made available for me.

Sorry about the mix up guys, I hope it is not too much of an inconvenience!


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