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Note that as soon as it prints the second layer this "deterioration" will be hidden.  The bottom side should look much better.


It's probably caused by slight overextrusion which is probably caused by the glass not 100% perfectly flat and also possibly due to active leveling being ever-so-slightly off.  Or maybe not quite enough points are chosen for active leveling.


It could also be caused by oils (e.g. from fingers) on the glass.  Or dust on the glass.  It's important to clean the glass about once per month whether you use the printer a lot or none at all.  Dust accumulates slowly over several weeks.


So I recommend carefully memorizing how the glass faces up/down, then removing it and washing it with soap and water and if it doesn't look clean use a metal spatula or plastic scrubber.  then when it seems perfectly clean, wash it again with glass cleaner to get the final bit of finger oils off the glass.  Dry with rag or paper towels.

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    Another possible cause is glue stick - if you put it down too thick it's like the glass is higher there and you get hills of overextrusion where the nozzle is plowing through the fields of plastic.


    Again, none of this should be visible when the part is completely printed.

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