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Nozzle size?


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I made my own nozzle the other day. It has a .5mm hole in it. Not the stock .4mm hole that the Ultimaker comes with. Just wondering where you change the nozzle size when generating prints in the Quickprint mode?


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    You don't, because then they're not the 'quickprint' default settings any more.:-)

    There are two things you can do:

    1) Just use the original quickprint settings; you'll probably get reasonably good results anyway.

    2) Save a gcode file with quickprint settings, then switch to the full settings mode, and load the profile back from the gcode file. That will set everything up in full settings mode, the way it was for the quickprint that you did. Then you can just go and change the nozzle size setting.

    If you're getting to the point of making your own nozzles, you really need to be working in the full settings mode anyway.


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    Posted · Nozzle size?

    Thank you for the response guys.

    By normal settings I think you are saying to change the nozzle size in the full settings under the Advaned menu?

    illuminarti, your right that I am ready for the full settings but I am still learing and had problems with printing with some Black PLA last weekend and found that the Black PLA I had just was not that great. Switched to the white PLA I have and everything started working great again. Making a nozzle isn't that hard when you are a toolmaker and have a good lathe to work with.

    My Ultimaker is now printing really nice now. I love this machine!


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