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Controlling nylon warp with a raft of breakaway


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Posted · Controlling nylon warp with a raft of breakaway

I may have missed a discussion about this so apologies if so.


I have a nylon/cf (nylforce) part I would like to print.  It's not too bad for warping but I need it as flat on the bottom as I can get it.  I'm using dimafix.


I very recently tried breakaway for the first time and have been really pleased with its performance and it appears to adhere pretty well. So I am wondering, can I use it as a raft material to solve my warping problems while still providing a decent undersurface for my part?  Part is relatively small so the cost of raft in terms of material is also small.


Thanks for your thoughts!


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    Posted (edited) · Controlling nylon warp with a raft of breakaway

    Hi John,


    Sure, not very much, -but did a lot of challenging nylon prints..


    First thing is to use "draft Shield", under experimental in Cura. This will build a single wall "heat fence" around your print, this in order to prevent "fast" cool down and warping of your print.

    Then, use diluted (in water) PVA glue on the heat bed- and let it dry until not looking wet, redo this 3 or 4 times (total).

    This will not get your model stuck that hard to the bed.. Let the model and bed be into lunched water for some time, then try carefully to remove the model using a sharp paint scrape, if it wont go let is rest -try again later and so on until it go..


    This method is ideal for small parts..


    Here is a little picture of a very known model -with draft shield -by Cura 4.8.0








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    Posted · Controlling nylon warp with a raft of breakaway

    Your idea of using breakaway as raft made me think of this: what about using breakaway to clamp parts down? Like in the picture below. If the design allows it and if it has a sort of flanges at the bottom, or other features that you can grab, maybe you could hold it down like this? I have never tried it, so I have no idea whether it would work or not. But at least, if the breakaway adheres well enough to the glass, it would prevent the nylon model from coming off and sliding around. So it should prevent spaghetti? Theoreticallly and hopefully...


    Maybe worth trying on a small testpart? Stay with the printer to see what happens.


    Picture of the concept: clamping blue nylon part down with orange and red breakaway parts. Of course it should go around the corners too, to clamp it in all directions, but I haven't drawn that here, otherwise it would hide the concept.



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    Posted · Controlling nylon warp with a raft of breakaway

    Sure, I've misunderstood this question.

    However, I've also had lots of warping when printing with nylon, -but with the above mention method there was no warping.







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    Posted · Controlling nylon warp with a raft of breakaway

    Thank you for your help! 


    In the end, I thought I should just try it for myself.  Please see the pictures below.  The surface facing the raft is perfect.  Matte finish, smooth, with the exception of some breakaway in pores that I have elected not to dig out.  The part is perfectly  flat.


    Maybe not an efficient use of the material, but the cleanest raft I have ever implemented. 

    First pic is still on the print bed, second is with only one action complete, peeling off the raft and no post process.





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