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Weirdness with circles.


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Posted · Weirdness with circles.

Ok all you Cura grand masters out there, educate meh !!!


I'm having weird things happen with slicing and circular objects than manifests in confusing ways. 


Firstly, this one :





And then this one :





These have been sliced in Cura 4.8, using CR10s Pro V2 default profile for PLA on 0.16mm layer height, 50% tri-hex infill. The 2 photos are from the same object and slice, just at different points in the object. I have tried changing the design numerous times to account for layer heights etc, but to no avail. 


I think it's fairly self explainitory what the issues are, but here goes anyways. Photo 1 - this one is sort of understandable, as it is doing the thatched inner layer ( yellow lines ) in the circular section. While it prints ok, I want to change it so that it does that section in a circular pattern rather than the thatching, because the the short line length makes my printer try and shake itself to death. 


The second photo shows the issue that is really doing my head in, as it seems to want to try and print in a circular motion, but as you can see it tries to switch to the thatching mid way through the extrusion line. Every layer on this section is the same, every effort to redesign to compensate has failed in removing the weird deviation. What makes it extra weird is how it has an extrusion line far smaller than the rest. 


If anyone has any clue what's going on and how I can correct it, that would be awesome. The STL's are included below. 


Thanks in advance all 😉

Chain link part A.stl Chain link part B.stl

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    Posted (edited) · Weirdness with circles.

    I'm a little hamstrung because of my video sub-system, but I can't get Cura to show the problem.  What line width are you using? 

    Have you tried making the walls thicker by 1 line width to get rid of that area?

    .4 line width and 1.2 walls.links.thumb.png.180200371ec9e7e5347d096fe4bb2742.png

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    Posted (edited) · Weirdness with circles.
    1 hour ago, GregValiant said:

    What line width are you using?



    1 hour ago, GregValiant said:

    Have you tried making the walls thicker by 1 line width to get rid of that area?


    yes, and it does remove the unusual extrusion, but in turn it affects the strength of the part ( that section in particular is the pin for the chain ). I have also tried lowering the wall count, but the odd formations still occur on the yellow indicated sections.


    edit : just realized I didn't list my nozzle size in the opening post, It's 0.4mm for what it's worth.

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    Posted · Weirdness with circles.

    I also see it sometimes and the only solution to get rid of it is to adjust the line width.


    The devs are aware of it and are working on a solution. As far as I know it is super complex so there is currently no plan when it will come.


    The issue is not new also previous versions had the problem with these thin walls and the crazy toolpath.

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