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S5 pre-2020 web-server running, /printers not accessible - 5.8.2


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Posted · S5 pre-2020 web-server running, /printers not accessible - 5.8.2

Hello Everyone and thank you for any help you can provide.

Where I work we have an Ultimaker S5. It is the older of the two models.

The printer is controlled and monitors via a web-server that it runs locally. This web-server is running and can be verified by loading up the printers IP into a web browser. When connecting over HTTP, I am directed to a page (shown below). From this page, I can access the Event Log, Temperature Graph and API Documentation. However, I am not able to access the Digital Factory. I am shown a loading screen as shown below.



Landing page when putting printer IP into web browser



Loading screen, shown via website, it does this indefinitely.

The problem appears to have appeared out of no where with no configuration changes between when it was working and now.

Additionally, an unlinked page (http://printerip/printers) is one that our printing staff would access. This page is also unavailable despite previously being completely accessible. 

When these issues were reported to me (IT team), the staff also said that Cura was have intermittent issues in identifying  and connecting to the printer (may see it, but it will lack the blue tick showing that it can talk to the printer).

Using the API documentation I have found some web pages being hosted by the printers web-server which are still accessible.

http://printerip/api/v1/printer/status - when loaded it returns the status, such as ready, idle, printing, etc.

http://printerip:8080/?action=stream - shows a stream of the printers internal camera.

Steps to Fix - attempted

I have hard reset the printer multiple times. Powering down the top unit via the I/O rocker and then removing it's power cable. I then remove the two power cables from the lower unit (spool holder). I then wait a couple of minutes and reconnect the cables, flip the I/O rocker and let it power on. Same issues.

I have re-flashed the firmware 5.8.2 twice. Exactly the same issues persist after the software as been fetched from the web, downloaded and flashed all done by the printer itself.


I have tried SSH'ing in. Whilst the port is open, I cannot figure out the credentials it expects. I didn't set the printer up and the staff who did does not remember putting any credentials in. root/admin, admin/admin, admin/root, root/root all did not work. My goal here was to see if a daemon or something was stuck.

I can only think of opening up the printer and finding that raspberry pi and manually flashing the firmware directly. I am not sure what else to try. Any help?

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    Posted · S5 pre-2020 web-server running, /printers not accessible - 5.8.2

    It's great to talk to someone who knows networks for a change.


    1) ssh credential is root/ultimaker - you can configure the network using conman linux utility (it's not a raspberry pi but actually an Olimex board).  The printer has a version of linux called "debian jessie" I believe.  you can use apt-get to install more software utilities as needed.  You can easily "brick" the machine if you mess up the network with conman (because you lose ssh access) so go slowly.  To unbrick you will need a micro-sd card and beg for instructions from your reseller and can waste many hours the first time but once you've done it once it only takes 5 minutes the second time.  You can also bypass ssh by buying a $7 "olimex serial F" cable and you get direct access to the console through a nearby laptop and so that's (for me) an easier way to unbrick if you just did a minor conman configuration error.  If you are in USA then I sell the cable here: https://thegr5store.com/store/index.php/usb-serial-cable-f.html


    2) If the printer has the option, try "reset digital factory" (newer firmware?) or "cura connect reset" (older firmware).  You won't lose any printer configuration and it fixes dozens of problems on the printer particularly ones related to networking.  It doesn't hurt but I think will do a reboot so it takes a minute.


    3) wired is much much better than wifi on the S3/S5 printers.  It's not a matter of signal strength.  It's something more serious.  If you can get a wired connection it may solve many issues.

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    Posted · S5 pre-2020 web-server running, /printers not accessible - 5.8.2

    Thank you Gr5 (or should I say Gr8        -3).
    I saw this setting before, but as I am not a 3D printer guy, let alone an ultimaker guy, I didn't want to wipe settings that may be vital.

    Everything is back and working, CURA seems to not even notice anything changed.

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