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Anycubic mega s printing problem

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Posted · Anycubic mega s printing problem
Anycubic Mega S seems to have developed some problems. Ran great right out of the box, but started to develop a severe problem printing even the simplest images.
The print head appears to push around previous layers and creates a "snowbank" near the edge. The print head then keeps running into it and screwing up the whole print.
The first two pics I provided are how the problem developed early and later on as well. The third photo is from an earlier job that printed just fine.
I have not done anything physical to the machine except clean the nozzle, re level and clean the bed.
Any ideas of how I can fix this problem would be appreciated.
BTW. If it is not already obvious, I am new to this #D printing.
Thanks in advance.




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    Posted · Anycubic mega s printing problem

    Sounds like something is wrong with your Z movement.  The nozzle isn't separating from the build plate the correct distance (it's not moving at all or moving too little).  I'd check things like stepper motor gear - there is typically a set screw that tightens that down.  Tighten the hell out of that - typically enough to twist the allen wrench and potentially hurt your fingers for a few minutes.


    I'd search for other users of your type of printer as well.


    I'd also manually move the Z up and down and measure how far it moved with a ruler.


    It's also possible some jumper fell out and it is moving exactly half as far as it should.  This is easier to diagnose with a ruler.  It's common for stepper drivers to have jumpers to set the substepping.

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    Posted · Anycubic mega s printing problem

    Call off the dogs. I found the problem. Seems the part  was printing was too small and the print head was running over the same area before it was set. I printed it along side of another part and it came out perfect.

    Stay tuned. I will likely have other problems in the future. Thanks folks.

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