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E-10 at Start of Print

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Posted · E-10 at Start of Print

Below is an extract of the GCODE file. 


The E-10 at line 5 creates an empty print before the filament  arrive at the nozzle.  The value of 10 follows the Retraction Distance in the Travel menu.  Am I missing a setting that 'restores' the filament to the nozzle or removes this?


Note: Retract at layer change is set to OFF.


M117 Printing...
G92 E0
G92 E0
G1 F1500 E-10
M106 S255
G1 F1500 Z0.375
G0 F3600 X86.384 Y135.111 Z0.375
G1 F1500 Z0.3
G1 F1500 E0
G1 X86.723 Y134.911 E0.01964

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    Posted · E-10 at Start of Print

    That is a lot of retraction.  The line is there to work with the later line G1 F1500 E0 and provide a prime, but it often isn't enough to bring the pressure up in the melting area of the nozzle.

    I use the Search and Replace plugin.  Search for "G1 F1500 E-10" and replace with "G92 E-10".  It will leave a puddle when it starts extruding, but it will start extruding right away.  Going to less of a reset (like G92 E-5) will make the puddle smaller.

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    Posted · E-10 at Start of Print

    Ah, thanks for the explanation.  I misunderstood E0 to be just resetting the counter. 


    Problem is that Cura inserts the G1 F1500 E-xx, having to edit the generated file every time isn't very exciting.  


    Will try G92 and lower retract values.  Thanks again.


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